TrackSAT announces the release of our totally new range of  Coastal & Commercial TVRO Marine Satellite TV Antennas, plus a full range of Coastal & Commercial Marine VSAT’s Antennas.

TrackSAT has entered into an OEM agreement with one of the worlds top Korean Companies who manufacture high quality 3 & 4 Axis Marine TVRO Antennas.   Details of this agreement are confidential, however it allows TrackSAT to market the latest ”UltraQuiet” stabilised antenna technology to their customers across Australia.

New TrackSAT models range from the 3 Axis UltraTrack TS39, TS45 and TS61cm models, which are high quality but low cost 39cm, 45cm & 61cm units with Auto-skew and Quad LNB, right up to the 4 Axis 120cm UltraTrack hi tech TS120 unit. A number of these 120cm units are currently being installed with the Free to Air VAST Satellite feed on large Pearling Vessels in the Kimberley. There are also 45cm, 60cm, 85cm and 100cm models in the TrackSAT 4 axis UltraTrack series.

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